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Nasrin Kheiri is a Professional Artist with more than 40 years

of experience in Painting.

Her passion for the art of painting began at a young age

and led to her distinguished career.

Nasrin started her professional painting journey in 1975 as

a Classical painter.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions, including 8 solo shows and more than 50 group exhibitions in prestigious galleries and cities such as Tehran, London, San Diego, Carlsbad and Oceanside since 1977.

Her unique style of oil painting, "Crystal View" was created in 1995 and captivated viewers with its mesmerizing beauty.

In 2004, she introduced another distinctive oil and palette knife style, "Sepidar", which showcased his versatility and innovation in the art world.  

In 2015, Nasrin was inspired by traditional Persian art, resulting in a vibrant and mesmerizing collection called "Rainbow Eyes".

Nasrin's artistic journey is characterized by her constant exploration of different styles and mediums in the art world. Over the past 25 years, she has also devoted her time and expertise to teaching drawing and painting, sharing her knowledge and passion with aspiring artists.

As an accomplished artist, Nasrin welcomes portrait painting commissions using your favorite photos as reference.

Nasrin's unique talent, along with years of experience and continuous artistic innovation has made her one of the most respected artists in her field.


- 8 Solo shows, and more than 50 Group Exhibitions in Tehran, London,

San Diego county.

- Inclouds:

- 5 Group Show at "Jazzercise Gallery", 2021, 2022, 2023, Oceanside.

- Some Group Shows at "Off Track Gallery", from 2020 to 2023, Encinitas.

Group Show at "Yellow Gallery(PCCSD)" , Mar. 2018, San Diego.

Group Show at "Ashton Gallery (30th Art Center)" Feb. 2018, San Diego.

- Group Show at "Front Porch Gallery", Jan. 2018, Carlsbad.

- Group Show at "Yellow Gallery (PCCSD)" , Dec. 2017, San Diego.

- 2 Group Show at "Ashton Gallery ( 30th Art Center)" in 2017, San Diego.

- Solo Show at "Sufi Club", 2015, San Diego.

- 8 Group Show at "PCC (Persian Culture Center)" from 2013 to 2016, San Diego.

- 9 Group Show at "San Diego Art Institute (SDAI), Museum Of Living Artist", in 2013 and 2014, San Diego.

- Solo Show at "Kamaledin Behzad Gallery", in 2012, Tehran.

- Group Show at "Mehrin Gallery", in 2012, Tehran.

- Solo Show at "Mehrin Gallery", in 2007, Tehran.
- Solo Show at "Mother Gallery", in 2007, Tehran.
- Group Show at "Camberwell Summer Show", in 2006, London.
- Group Show at "Mehrin Gallery", in 2006,Tehran.
Solo Show
at "Mehrin Gallery", in 2005, Tehran.
- Group Show at "West Croydon Church", in 2005, London.
Solo Show at "Sarv Gallery", in 2003, Tehran.
Solo Show at "Green Gallery", in 2000, Tehran.
Solo Show at "Green Gallery", in 1998, Tehran.
- Group Show as Nationwide Female Artists Fair at "Sadabad Museum", in 1995,  Tehran.

- Group Show as Student Art Fair at "University of Allameh Tabatabai", in 1977,  Tehran.   

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