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About Crystal Style

"Crystal View"
Crystal View is the title of my first creative painting collection in 1995, which has an approach to the modern art.
Innovation in the way of seeing by considering a scientific and mathematical system is an emphasis on the knowledge of creation and how the particles of the phenomena of the world are interwoven and the mutual influence of the aspects of existence on each other.
In the other words, the smallest particle in the universe is in the form of polyhedral crystals whose molecules are formed and connected with a special crystal arrangement. For this reason, I made the crystal as a symbol to express the purity within the beings of the universe, and by splitting the outer shell of the material, I entered a depth that the naked eye cannot see.
In the technique of crystal painting, the crystal system is dominant. Its forms and structure are polygonal and triangular surfaces, without using curved lines. The range of light, color, space, and delicate crystalline constructions of the pyramids show another dimension of existence and show the magic of the invisible side of existence.
Color reflections with countless tonalities of colors next to each other have made the unlimited world of the image more exciting and caused a sense of vitality and dynamism. Playing with colors, motifs and traditional symbols emphasizes the continuity of existence in time and the continuity of modern art with ancient art.
The use of light and color attractions and the use of geometric shapes along with the rhythmic and melodious path of colors have integrated the rational motivation and geometry with emotional motivations.

In other words, the merger of triangles and colors, and such a stunning birth. . .

"Crystal Song"
Crystal song was another group of crystal paintings in 1998. The subjects was traditional symbols, flowers and birds.

Flowers and birds are symbols of beauty, tenderness, innocence, and purity. And they are synonymous with crystal and can inspire love and spirituality.

"Scientifically special properties of crystal"
Crystals, due to their special geometric shape and uniform and polished structure, have the ability to generate energy and heal and have para psychological values.  They have stable energy and accurate and regular vibrations that react to a wide range of waves such as light, sound, heat, bio-electricity, and thought waves. This is the reason for their mystery.  Crystals have been used as a healing tool in Atlantis and other legendary civilizations for thousands of years.

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